Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Children's Health Environmental Coalition

I stumbled upon a really, really great site that is akin to mine (just much better). It's by a non-profit organization called the Children's Health Environmental Coalition. Erin Brockovich (!!!) is on the Board of Directors, and Meryl Streep is on the Advisory Board. It offers 5 easy steps to make your home a lot healthier and safer for children. They present information in a way that's really easy to understand (no degree in chemistry needed to decipher jargon), and offer practical facts, such as a study done of Seattle school children showed that those who ate organic food had one sixth the levels of pesticides in their urine compared to their peers who didn't eat organically. Just think about that for a second. Children have pesticides in their urine. It's in their bodies 24/7. How can we be so cruel as to expose them to such dangerous compounds without thinking about it? This must change.


At 1:20 p.m. , Blogger kryce said...

i found a site that is just like mine only worse. it's called

At 1:25 p.m. , Blogger kryce said...

once i went to a baseball game (i was a particpant) and the "mom" (I only call her this in the sense that the child did claw it's way out of this girl's vagina), was feeding this 1-1 1/2 yead old Pepsi Cola.
I mean what the "boing"?
then later she was upset because the child was unmanageable.
perhaps the toddler would be more coherent if it didn't have the equivalent to "crack cocaine" coursing through it's veins.
p.s. pop + humans=bad
but i loves the soda pop.

At 6:51 p.m. , Blogger Dave said...

That's wrong. Everyone knows pre-toddlers prefer Red Bull.

At 8:25 a.m. , Blogger kryce said...

pre-toddlers enjoy Red Bull as a chaser for Angel Dust. kids like recreational drugs with cute names.
My kids like "ludes".

At 10:56 a.m. , Anonymous Taylor Grafton said...

Sorry Roxanne you know I love you but this study actually proves nothing. That sample size was so small that it the evidence is weak at best. Furthermore a subsequent test of a longer duration and more in depth analysis did not find signficant results

Though urine samples show that the child has been exposed to organophospates it also shows that they've been cleared from the system.

Furthermore, the human body is amazingly adept at building resistace to toxins, especially toxins that it is exposed to daily in small amounts. It may be possible that eating organic food only most of the time, and eating foods that have had pesticide use on them only sometimes would be far worse than eating 'non-organic' food all the time.

This neither of these studies examined the amount of washing that went into non-organic foods.


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