Thursday, June 22, 2006

How did it come to this?

According to Dr Heather Myers of UNBC, there are 87,000 synthetic chemicals out there. And since new ones are always being made, there may be more than that now.

In testing to see if a chemical is "safe", researchers only use the one chemical on one set of mice. If those mice live normally, it is safe. Rarely do researchers do multi-generational studies.... investigating what effects the chemicals have on the offspring of the test group. Also, the studies hardly represent real life since they are studying the effects of ONLY that one chemicals. With 87,000 chemicals out there, an organism will NEVER be exposed to only the one. And these chemicals often interact with each other (called synergistic effects). Researching only one chemical ignores this fact. Chemicals that may be relatively benign can become harmful when exposed to other chemicals.

This is why there are so many endocrine disrupting chemicals and other toxins out there; the researching and approval methods are illogical and far too simple. We put our trust in organizations like the FDA, assuming they know best and would not approve harmful chemicals for everyday use in a variety of ways. You have to take control of your life and be informed. You cannot assume that others are always acting altruistically. It is important to be aware of this, and to demand more of those who claim to have a vested interest in your well-being. Be active, not passive.